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Event Details

Event Name:Understanding Key Ratios
Date:November 7, 2018
Start Time:8:30 AM
Duration:1 day
Location:Metairie, LA

Understanding Key Ratios

Ratios can be challenging for those who work with them regularly but for those who work with them infrequently, they can be downright daunting.  It’s one thing to be able to calculate key ratios that affect your credit union’s daily operations, but it’s something completely different to be able to interpret them and to be able to articulate their meaning to others!

Tim Gardner is an expert at helping credit union professionals interpret the numbers to better understand your credit union’s profitability, productivity and efficiency.

Although there are dozens of valuable ratios, we will be showcasing just the 5 most common. 

In this one day course we will:

  • Discuss general economic conditions that affect your credit union
  • Look at the 5 most common ratios utilized in the industry including
    • Return on Assets (and it’s multiple components)
    • Net Worth to Total Assets
    • Loan to Share
    • Net Interest Margin
    • Efficiency Ratio
  • Determine what makes up the ratios
  • Why do they move upward or down and what does that mean in layman’s terms.

About the Instructor

Tim Gardner’s full in depth Ratios and Financial Analysis classes have been central to the syllabus at the 3 year Southeast CUNA Management School for over 10 years where he has been hailed for his ability to simplify and break down this daunting topic, therefore taking the sting out of approaching ratios. Some of your Louisiana peers have shared their feedback of his learning technique.  

“Tim has the ability to explain ratios using everyday credit union scenarios to make it understandable” Mary Jordan, ASI FCU  

“Tim is very engaging and has a peculiar talent for ratios and his enthusiasm about teaching ratios implies he has a craving to help one discover the art of ratios”. Derrick Chambless, Centric FCU


Marriott Lakeway
3838 N. Causeway Blvd.
Metairie, LA 

LCUL is holding a group block at a rate of $99/night. Click here to make your booking

*Please Note: LCUL has contracted a discounted parking rate of $8 per day for this event. 

Educational Investment

$250 per student*

*For the purposes of those utilizing a grant, the value of food and beverage is $30 pp and cannot be deducted from the registration costs.

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